The Forsi Car Wash System is ideal for New Zealand, Australia and virtually anywhere else. Anyone considering putting a car wash in, should consider this system.

Developed in response to demand for waste water compliance, Forsi offers another market leading response.

For environmentally friendly results, for payback, and for good business, Forsi’s Car Wash System is the answer.

Forsi Carwash System Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly: Recycles 100% of water
  • Saves money on waste disposal costs
  • Offers a 3-5 year investment recovery
  • Has a small footprint: Unit is approximately 15 sq. metres.
  • Low maintenance: Operators just keep an eye on a few of the dials and pressures and gauges to make sure it’s all going smoothly.

Forsi Car Wash Overview Video

Forsi Papamoa Car Wash: Client Testimonial Video

Developing the Forsi Carwash System

Developed over the last 3 years, off the back of Forsi’s successful dairy waste water unit, the major factor in developing Forsi’s Carwash system has been the chemistry behind it. The chemicals, the hydrocarbons and dealing with the dyes in the water.

The biggest challenge in developing the carwash system was to remove the dye and the detergent from the water.  There can be lots of problems with oils, dyes, grease and silicons.

Why choose to recycle water?

The big advantage of having a carwash recycling system is the cost.  The thing about our system is that we can keep recycling the water, round and round, 24 hours a day, so owners don’t have to buy more water or pay to discharge the water.

The biggest problem with a carwash system is putting the wastewater into sewer systems.  Councils are starting to charge for this disposal and the charge is very high.  The councils can charge per element in the water, not just that you are putting X number of litres in the water. They have a chemistry breakdown of the components in the water and in doing that they instigate a charge.

Carwash Recycling Results

The results achieved have been very high. There is no smell in the water in a Forsi carwash system. It gets rid of the bugs first off.  There are no pathogens and no bacteria, which is really important for health and safety.

What’s exciting about the future with Forsi developing systems like this is that they provide a clean, green answer to recycling water.

There is a payback for the customer and it solves the environmental issue of trying to deal with waste water streams.

Return on Investment

Annual savings are between $30,000 to $100,000 per year depending on the size of the system and the carwash.  In terms of the investment recovery we estimate between three and five years.

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